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Of course the models you can see portrayed in the artwork gallery are not the whole deal, G'Kane continues building new models all the time. On this page you can get information on G'Kane's current projects and their status.

G'Kane's models are carefully constructed and textured to provide top quality result, so the progress of a project can sometimes be slow or may even seem to halt for several weeks. This is usually due to search for new reference material or sometimes just lack of time. :)



The Status of the models can be derived from this list:

  • Stage 1 - Models in stage 1 are still early in their construction or planning phase. Construction of these was only recently started, they are usually not textured and the geometry is still about to undergo major improvements.
  • Stage 2 - Models in stage 2 are a little further in their construction and may even have some basic texturing applied. They are still far from drawing near completion though.
  • Stage 3 - Models in stage 3 are almost finished. The main point of further impovement in stage 3 is usually the texturing and the addition of small mesh detail.
  • Stage 4 - Models in stage 4 are usually already finished and are only undergoing final touches and beta-testing. Release of these models can be expected to follow a couple of weeks after entering stage 4.



EA Starfury Info Status
The EA Starfury V 2.0 The newest Version of the popular EA Starfury Fighter from Babylon 5. The mesh is due to be released soon! Page 4
TIE Fighter Info Status
An Imperial TIE Fighter An Imperial TIE Fighter from Star Wars. The mesh is actually almost 2 years old, what it needs are some custom textures and a pilot... Image 1 3
Ambassador Class Info Status
The NCC-1701-C - an Ambassador Class vessel U.S.S. Enterprise - NCC-1701-C
This extremely detailed model is mostly finished, and texturing already started. The main body and neck may need complete remodeling, but I am unsure about that as off yet...
Image 1
Image 2
Defiant Class Info Status
The U.S.S. Defiant U.S.S. Defiant - NX-74205
After intensive texturing efforts, this baby is finally in its launch-pods! I spent even more time on the textures, than I spent on modeling it, and it pays off! There are only few small fixes left before I'm releasing it!
Image 1
Image 2
Jem Ha'Dar Fighter Info Status
A Jem Ha'Dar Fighter A Jem Ha'Dar Fighter-like vessel. The mesh was also built almost 2 years ago and I only recently re-discovered it. I completely lack reference material of any kind for this one, and help would be greatly apreciated! Image 1
Image 2



Not all of G'Kane's current projects are being displayed on this page, but rather only those that are currently most heavily worked on and will probably be released within a reasonable amount of time.


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