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[Translators note: The following text is only part of the data available to us, but G'Kane has used a three fold encryption scheme that has so far eluded our complete grasp. I have decrypted what I could, and am posting this with public access with the hope that some of his former friends and contacts may be able to shed some light on some of the admittedly tantalizing references distributed throughout the text. I myself was able to shed some light on some instances, but am totally unable to follow his way in most other sections. So, please, if you are reading this because you have followed the link here expecting to find G'Kane, please help us decipher his log. Unfortunately our attention was drawn to these files when someone tried to force his way past the built-in security daemons, and triggered a few dozen alarms. Part of this data was already lost to self destruct routines, but I have managed to preserve most of it.]

Entry : [Data encrypted]

Sinclair has arrived today. An interesting character, I met him briefly in a passageway. He was being verbally assaulted by the exalted G'Kar, for reasons that are beyond my knowledge. I must change that...

It seems that quite a row was created by the arrival of a ship early this morning, it having docked in Bay 13, I surmise it must be another of the ambassadors taking up their post here at Babylon 5.... I ran across a talkative Minbari earlier, which in itself is a contrad[...DATA LOST ...] oone has proven otherwise. That Delenn must be quite a power to maneuver in the rigid minbari political structure as she has done...

Entry : [Data encrypted]

more entries to follow...
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