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LightWave 3D






This section is going to be constantly growing, as I am in the process of writing several tutorials, covering various aspects of 3D and graphics design. Tutorials that are already listed, but don't have a link yet, are under construction and will go online very soon.


You can find several kinds of tutorials here, divided into the following sections:

LightWave 3D

  • Tips'n'Tricks - a collection of quick tips to enhance your LW renderings
  • NURBS are your friend - a tutorial on how to model an arm and a hand in LW


  • 3d Planets - a tutorial on creating a space scene with a 3d planet entirely within Photoshop
  • Clouds - a fast and easy way to come up with realistic cloudmaps for your planet renderings
  • Planets - create infinite Earth-style planetary maps for your planet renderings


  • Isometries - a guide to create accurate illustrations of 30/30 isometries fast and easy

more coming soon...

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