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Artwork Section

Welcome to The Artwork Section of "The Lost Files of G'Kane"

You are about to enter the Artwork Database of "The Lost Files of G'Kane"! Within you will gain access to a large variety of original, fan-created art related to Babylon 5, Star Wars, Star Trek or other topics related to SciFi and Fantasy in general. We also offer guest artists to show their artwork on this site. Most of the work your are about to see has been created on the computer with 3D-Rendering Software, although many other tools are used as well (e.g. Photoshop or other digital paint applications) during the process of creating such an image.

Submission Guidelines

We are looking for YOUR work!

We want you to participate in creating a large database of fan-created artwork. If you want your work to be shown here, just write us an eMail and attach your image!

Please read the terms below before sending us your images:

  • it must be YOUR work, don't send us anything you copied of somebody elses webpage!
  • if you send us an image, you give us the right to use and display it on this website, it is still your piece of work though, so you retain the copyright to it and we may not use it anywhere else than on this page without your okay;
  • since we want to keep a high standard in our database, we reserve the right to choose freely wether we will display your work or not;
  • ensure that your image is related to the topics of this site;
  • send your image in a standard resolution (such as 800x600 or 1024x768) and either .jpg or .gif format;
  • your image must be ready to be published on the web, we won't do any image-processing for you - we will however add a copyright notice of the author (you - so make sure we get your full eMail and Name) and the adress of our webpage, so please make sure you don't have any texts already on it;
We are looking forward to see your work, thanks for joining us!

"Lost Files of G'Kane" Team

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