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3D Model Credits

Model Credits

The ships, stations and other objects used in the images on this site have been created by various artists around the web. Although I have modeled many of the meshes myself, I still want to give the other modeler's the proper credit for their great work, you rock guys!

In alphabetical order:

  • Kier Darby - Whitestar and Jumppoint
  • Terry Hagerty - Narn Jumpgate and Drazi Sunhawk
  • Mark Kane - Narn Fighter, Narn Heavy Cruiser, Minbari Fighter, Minbari Warcruiser, Raider Fighter, EA Starfury, EA Atmospheric Shuttle, Season 1 Vree Saucer, Drakh Fighter, Hyperspace, Ganymede Research Complex, TIE Fighter and Enterprise-D Shuttle
  • Fabio Passaro - Vorlon Dreadnaught and Vorlon Planetkiller
  • Todd Pederzani - EA Hyperion Cruiser, EA Thunderbolt, EA Crew Shuttle, Centauri Fighter and Soulhunter
  • Evelio Perez-Albuerne - Shadow Fighter and alternative Shadow Ballecrab
  • Ralph Schoberth - Enterprise-D
  • Dean Scott - Babylon 5 Station, Vorlon Transport, Vorlon Fighter, EA Jumpgate and Shadow Battlecrab
  • Michael Stetson - EA Omega Class Destroyer
  • Wolfpack - Star Trek meshes
  • The Star Wars Modeling Alliance - Star Wars meshes
Models created by me can be found in the 3D Files Section, most others can either be found at the Babylon 5 Modeler's Guild, the Star Wars Modeling Alliance or the Wolfpack's site.

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