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Babylon 5 Modeler's Guild

Babylon 5

["Official" Sites]

  • The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5
    THE nr.1 Babylon 5 Fan Site, its been around even before the show hit the screen!
  • Greetings from Babylon 5
    The official WB B5 Site, nice media archive containing mostly stuff from the first few seasons
  • TNT: The Home of Babylon 5
    TNT's Babylon 5 Homepage, the people who made season 5 possible
  • The
    The Babylon 5 Fan Club Homepage, very nice site, with exclusice areas for club members
  • The Babylon 5 Soundtracks
    SonicImages, Christopher Franke's Record Label published several superb sountrack albums of the show's musical score
  • Babylon 5 Games
    Sierra's site about the coming Babylon 5 Computer Games, some very promising images there!
    This site features up-to-date news on the Babylon 5 Computer Games in development, great stuff!
  • The Babylon 5 Modeler's Guild
    The various B5 3D modelers and artists over the net have produced countless fantastic 3D models, images and animations, this is our home!
  • PRO7 Babylon 5 Home
    The German station that shows Babylon 5, nothing special there, but okay

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Science Fiction

[Star Wars]

  • Star Wars: The Official Web Site
    This site is exactly what it claims to be, but its actually got some good stuff!
  • The Star Wars Database
    Loads of stuff for you to search through, impressive site
    Looking for even more stuff on Star Wars, like daily news and exclusive features - try this one
  • Star Warps
    A online animated Star Wars style comedy series - a great laugh! Requires Shockwave Flash!

[Star Trek]

[SciFi Art/Graphics/Media]

  • Check the B5 Art/Graphics/Media Section
    Loads of hot sites to be found there!
  • The Babylon 5 Modeler's Guild
    The various B5 3D modelers and artists over the net have produced countless fantastic 3D models, images and animations, this is our home!
  • Star Wars: The 3D Modeling Alliance
    Ever felt like blowing up a TIE Fighter? You'll find all the meshes you could wish for here!
    One of the best groups of internet 3D Artists, these people have set a new standard with their work on Star Trek 3D Models and Artwork
    A great site, featuring loads of 3D Animations with B5 and other SciFi content!
  • SciFi-Art
    A new, but really talented group of Star Trek 3D Artists, they have established themselfes as an important part of the 3D community by now...
  • Starship Modeler
    Site about starship modeling, and that means not only CGI modeling! Also has some great reference material.
  • The Labyrinth: Art In Which To Get Lost
    Geo W. Proctor's great site. Author, traditional and 3D Artist, this man is a marvel!

[Prime SciFi Sites]

  • scifiGATE
    Vast archive of EVERYTHING EVER created that only vaguely resembles Science Fiction... impressive, most impressive!
  • Mirkr
    An impressive site, with lots of information and Material on the X-Files, Babylon 5, Star Wars and Star Trek!

[SciFi Misc]

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3D Graphics

[LightWave related Sites]

  • Beyond Babylon
    The official E-Zine of the B5MG! Great resource for 3D news, product reviews, model downloads and tutorials! And the best: subscription is free!
  • New Tek
    The makers of LightWave 3D, the best 3D Package there is for CGI and Special FX!
  • Primordial Soup
    Lightwave 3D Tutorial, Information and Techniques Search Engine, kewl Site for LightWavers!
  • Foundation Imaging
    These group of talented guya has caused a revolution to the world of TV SFX with their work on Babylon 5, check this out!
  • Netter Digital Entertainment Inc.
    These guys have been doing the effects for B5s 4th and 5th season, as well as the movies and Crusade
  • BaSe
    A fantastic LightWave artist from Germany, incredible charcters!!!
  • Digital Cinema
    Dan Maas, young and bloody talented LightWave animator, shows off his breathtaking work!
  • Alternate Perspective 3D Animation
    Site of Kier Darby, creator of the incredible Whitestar Clone
  • LightWave World
    A great LightWave resource Site, you can never learn enough!
  • Djerrard
    D. Jerrard wrote several articles for NewTechniques and an own LW-book. He's got some really awesome art on display and a bunch of great tutorials as well!
  • technoGEEK Zone
    Lots of original artwork (with original ship designs!), tutorials and model downloads en masse!
  • The Sci-Fi Model Archives
    Babylon 5, Star Trek and Star Wars related 3D model downloads and artwork!
  • #lightwavers solarsystem
    Some very good stuff can be found here!
  • The Lightwave3D Shades Project
    A LightWave plugin project, nice procedural shaders for LW 5.5+

[general 3D Sites]

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[cool Sites]

  • SETI@home
    SETI@home: Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence from your home, makes a great screensaver!
  • The Dilbert Zone©
    Home of Dilbert, the world's funniest cartoon strip (he even is a B5 fan!)!
  • Cinescape Online
    Cinema and TV related news and coverage, good resource.
  • Festival Guide
    Into music? Then try to find your favourite band in one of the countless open-air festivals in germany and the rest of europe here!
  • Artechock
    If you're living in or around Munich, this is a great place to look for movies and other events!
  • Cinema
    Munichs best film theatre, running all movies in original english language! THE place to be for movies.

[essential Sites]

  • Tom's Hardware Guide
    A fantastic resource for all hardware issues concerning PC Systems, you won't need any other Hardware site anymore!
  • Tucows
    If you need good shareware to build websites, create graphics, speed up your PC or manage your eMails, you'll find something here!
    You can get almost ANY book you could wish for here, and its so easy!
    For everyone in Germany who, like me, wants to read books in english and NOT wants to seek forever and pay a small fortune in local bookstores - you can order all books from for a fair Dollar course!

[diverse usefull Sites]

  • The Patches Scrolls
    If you're into gaming, here you will find ALL patches and updates for your games ever released!
  • RivaZone
    News, drivers and discussion forums related to the best gaming 3D accelerator on the market.
  • The C64 Worship Area
    Remember that toaster? The best gaming mashine there was? Then you must still love it and this site and other related ones are a must-see!
  • Greg and David's C64 Web page
    Emulators to play your fav C64 games on your overclocked Pentium2 gaming system! It even takes exactly as long to load the games, uh yeah!
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