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A History of the Babylon 5 Universe

This timeline is intended to give you a fast chronological overview of the most important events relevant to the happenings on Babylon 5. It is far from being complete, although new items might be added in the future.
For a more in-depth guide to the events from 2257 to 2262 visit the "Conflicts" Section.


  • Babylon 5 is completed, and goes online.


  • Vorlons make contact with Earth Alliance. The Vorlon Empire sends an ambassador, Kosh Naranek, to Babylon 5. Upon his arrival there is an attempt on his life by a human, Del Varner.
  • Lyta Alexander, the resident telepath on Babylon 5, the only one to ever see and scan a Vorlon, is recalled to earth.


  • Dr. Stephen Franklin arrives on Babylon 5.
  • Luis Santioagop is reelected president back on earth.
  • Narn military forces invade Ragesh 3, and are shortly after forced by Sinclair to withdraw.
  • Londo Mollari meets Adira Tyree, who steals sensitive information from him.
  • G'Kar receives a new aide, Na'Toth, after the sudden death of his previous one.
  • Lennier, diplomatic attache to Delenn, arrives on babylon 5 and takes up his duties.
  • Babylon 5 is treated to its first visit from Alfred Bester, Psi Cop and principal power behind the Psi Corps.
  • Sinclair is interrogated as to his involvement at the Battle of the Line.
  • Warmaster Jha'Dur is found to still be alive. Her legacy to the galaxy will be an immortality serum which has as one of its principal components an extract only obtainable from living beings. Earth claims the serum, but it and her creator are detroyed by the Vorlons. As explanation Kosh returns: "You are not ready".
  • Raiders attack Babylon 5 and shipping in its vicinity.
  • The Shadow weapons are first seen to speak, the raiders are destroyed in a short battle. The raiders posessed an artifact, the "Eye of the Centauri", which is returned to Londo Mollari.
  • The planet around which Babylon 5 orbits, is shown to be networked through by a technological entity. A Minbari, Draal, takes up the position as guidiing consciousness.
  • Babylon 4 reappears in Sector 14, the rest of the crew on the station is evacuated just before the station once more disappears.
  • Zack Allen arrives on Babylon 5.
  • A Narn base in Quadrant 37 is completely obliterated by Shadow forces.
  • Garibaldi is shot in the process of discovering an assasination plot.
  • President Santiago is killed.


  • Sinclair is recalled to Earth.
  • John Sheridan is assigned to Babylon 5, he arrives on the 8th of january.
  • The existence of the Shadows is finally confirmed first hand by G'Kar, who barely escapes with his life.
  • A consequent recon in force to Za'ha'dum by a Narn cruiser ends in its destruction before it can signal for help.
  • The Technomages pass through babylon 5 on the leaving of known space.
  • The Psi Corps hold a convention on babylon 5, of all places.
  • Sinclair becomes Entil'Zha, "Ranger One", of the rangers.
  • The deep space explorer vessel Cortez visits babylon 5 on its return leg.
  • Babylon 5 is assigned an additional Squadron of Starfuries fo station defense.
  • The Underground Railroad of telepaths fleeing from the Psi Corps is traced through Babylon 5.
  • Londo Mollari celebbrates his 30th Anniversary of Ascnesion, and is nearly killed.
  • The first Humans are inducted into the Rangers.
  • The Centauri Emporer visits Babylon 5 when the Narn colony in Quadrant 14 is obliterated by Shadow vessels. The Centauri emporer suffers a fatal heart attack and is succeded by his nephew, Cartagia.
  • Marine forces providing support for the Shelessian Triumvirate in their fight with rebels pass through Babylon 5.
  • Marcus Cole joins the Rangers after the death of his family and brother, William.
  • The Lumati ally with Earth.
  • Covert aid to the Narn population begins to flow from Babylon 5 to the narn homeworld.
  • The station (very) briefly opens a merchandising shop.
  • The Markab are wiped out by a virulent disease not combated by religious and moral edict.
  • Lyta Alexander shows up. She is attacked by unkown assailants while being held by security. She convinces Sheridan that there is a Psi Corps traitor among the command staff, at which point Talia Winters is found out.
  • Narn homeworld is devestated by Centauri orbital bombardment.
  • G'Kar seeks sanctuary on babylon 5.
  • After her short stay, Lyta Alexander leaves babylon 5 once nmore to head for Vorlon space.
  • The Narn battlecruiser G'Tok seeks shelter from the Centauri at Babylon 5.
  • The Nightwatch informs the Centauri of the presence of the cruiser, who respond by sending a cruiser of their own to elimiate the Narn. Sheridan opens fire on the Centauri cruiser when his charge is attacked.
  • Earth Centauri Non-Agression Pact is announced.


  • Marcus Cole joins the Rangers.
  • A series of Bombs rock the station.
  • An unmanned probe briefly visits Babylon 5, almost bringing about the destruction of the station.
  • Lyta Alexander returns from Vorlon space, having been left behind in a lifepod. She has spent nearly a month with the Vorlons, and will be acting as assistant to Kosh from now on.
  • The War Council decides it may need all the help it can get in their fight against the Shadows, and wants to try and contact additional First Ones for support.
  • Ivanova and Marcus meet the "Walkers of Sigma 957". Indirect support is given.
  • G'Kar lends Garibaldi his Book of G'Quan.
  • A Shadow vessel is found buried on Mars. EA tries to take control of the dormant ship. Sheridan arrives with the White Star to put an end to the marauding and psychopathic ship.
  • General Hague. known for his dissenting stance on strong-arm EA politics, disappears.
  • Nightwatch attempts to seize control of Security functions on the station, but are frustrated in the attempt.
  • EAS Alexander, Gen. Hague's ship, is ambushed by the EAS Clarkstown after leaving Orion VII. Hague is killed in the battle, but is succeded by Major Ryan.
  • Mars refuses to implement Martial Law and is bombed in ertribution.
  • Babylon 5 uses the martial law order to declare independance from EA.
  • A battle for control of B5 ensues, which the arrival of Minbari Cruiser class vessels ends.
  • The Babylon 5 Treaty, which stipulates the mutual defense of Babylon 5, is signed by a number of members of the former League of Non-Alligned Worlds.
  • The Shadows begin to invade a few minor worlds.
  • The Vorlons are pursuaded to lend their forces in open resistance to the Shadows. The first major battle is won in Brakiri space.
  • In retaliation for the commitment of Vorlon forces, Kosh is killed aboard Babylon 5.
  • Sinclair returns to Babylon 5, and uses the Great Machine on Epsilon 3 to move Babylon 4 from its time of inception, to three years in the past, and finally to its planned destination of one thousand years in the past, to act as base of operations and control in the first Shadow War.
  • The White Star fleet is revealed to Sheridan to be used in the Shadow War.
  • Anna Sheridan, Sheridan's "presumed to have died" wife, arrives on Babylon 5 to pursuade him to come with her to Z'ha'dum. After deliberation he decides to follow her to what he sees as certain death. He does remember to pack two 500kt fusion devices onboard his ship.


  • Garibaldi, who was abducted by a Shadow vessel in the final days of the previous year, is handed over to the Psi Corps by his Shadow captors.
  • Bester decides to use him to ferret out conspiracies aginst the Psi Corps.
  • Once more, Marcus and Ivanova search for First Ones to solicit their help in the fight against the Shadows, but discover the Vorlon Fleet instead.
  • Sheridan returns from death. He is accompanied by Lorien.
  • Cartagia is assasinated on Minbar, to be temporarily succeded by Londo himself.
  • Vorlon and Shadow forces fall into a frenzied rampage to destroy each other, leaving scorched planets in their wake.
  • To rid Centauri of the threat of destruction, Londo destroys every Shadow asset on the planet and has Morden killed.
  • The second age of Mankind comes to a close. The Shadow war comes to a close at the intercession of Lorien.
  • Londo returns to Babylon 5, leaving (old guy name?) as Regent.
  • Remnants of the Shadows start to attack shipping.
  • The "Voice of the Resistance" starts broadcasting from Babylon 5.
  • Sheridan useshis wily diplomatic skill to get the Non-Alligned Worlds to sign a defense pact. The White Star Fleet will act as policing force.
  • Delenn reforms the grey council, this time the Worker caste is assigned five positions. The position of leader is reserved for "The One who is to come".
  • The resistance liberates Proxima III.
  • Sheridan's forces liberate the colony at Beta Durani.
  • Garibaldi, having left B5 and returned to Mars, learns of mogul Edgars plan to biologically enslave all telepaths, and promptly informs the Psi Corps.
  • Sheridan is tortured in EA captivity.
  • Ivanova engages a new type of destroyer, which the EA built using Shadow tech, and is mortally injured in the process of wiping out each and every one of them.
  • Sheridan leads the final assault on the Solar system. Marcus heads back to B5 to be with Ivanova, having learned of an alien healing device capable of restoring life ot a person at the cost of draining it from another.
  • With the Mars Fleet disabled by marauding telepaths, Sheridan's forces liberate the home planet. Marcus gives his life so that Ivanova should not lose hers.
  • Sheridan surrenders to the newly created EarthGov. He and his men receive amnesty.
  • The Interstellar Alliance is founded. Sheridan assumes the title of President.
  • Sheridan and Delenn marry.


  • Susan Ivanova leaves Babylon 5 to regain a semblance of control over her life, and to grapple with the loss of Marcus.
  • A Decleration of Principles is drafted for the Alliance by G'Kar.
  • A Group of telepaths gather around a leader in their midst, his name is Byron.
  • A section of the station undergoes something of a spatial LSD flashback during the Brakiri "Day of the Dead"
  • Byrons telepaths seek to win support for the granting of an indipendant homeworld for telepaths.
  • Byron threatens the Alliance with complete exposure of every last secret conttained in their heads, in order to force Sheridan to grant him a planet somehow.
  • The telepaths become increasingly intractable, and follow their leaders deathwish. Lochley is forced to appeal to Bester for help.
  • Some of Byrons minions take up arms, Bester arrives with "Bloodhound" units. Most telepaths are seized by Psi-Corps, a core group around Byron follow their leader into suicide.
  • Garibaldi follows leads to the Drazi Homeworld, trying to shed light on the recent attacks on allied shipping.
  • Lennier brings proof that the Centauri are behind these skirmishes. The Centauri withdraw from the Alliance, sanctions are placed on Centauri trade.
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