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Minbari Flyer Transport V1.0


Minbari Flyer 5-View

After creating the Nial Fighter V2.0, creating this model was a breeze, since it only required one additional object to be completed! Like the Fighter it's a very nice craft, and for a personal transport its very fast and well armed. It fits beautifully into the rest of the Minbari designs and shouldn't be missing in any collection.

Since the other Flyer version out there (by Ingo Haverich) is based on my original V1.0 Fighter anyway (he used multiple parts of my model with my permission), a update to that practically forced me to release a new version of this model. On the show, the additional parts for the Flyer were simply taken off the Sharlin warcruiser without even changing the colours (thanks go to the FI guys that they only showed this object in fast flyby scenes, a still reveals this error and it looks ugly!). I decided against this, and instead of ripping a part off my Warcruiser, simply built the little additional piece in a few minutes and gave it custom textures in a matching colour pattern. It still isn't the most elegant solution, but it looks a lot better than the original.



The status of this model is very much dependant of the status of the Nial Heavy Fighter. If there is an update to the Nial, you can expect an update to this model simultaneously!



You can download the model in the following formats:

LightWave 3D - .lwo Autocad - .dxf 3D Studio - .3ds
download (300 kb) soon... soon...



In order to use this model you will have to download the Fighter as well, as the archive contains required object and texture files.


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