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Ganymede Research Complex


Ganymede Complex View

This is a model of an Earth Alliance Research Complex on Jupiter's moon Ganymede, as it apeared in an episode of Babylon 5's 3rd season. In this episode (spoiler for those who don't know it), human researchers tried to activate a Shadow vessel they discovered hidden beneath Ganymede's surface - with lethal results! The Vessel went mad when the researchers tried to activate it and started shooting everything within its range. It destroyed the research complex and chased the Whitestar into Jupiter's atmosphere before it could be stopped by Sharidan.

I decided to recreate the Complex because I wanted to try a few techniques to create the complex glass-dome structure that is the complex' most obvious feature. After I had succeeded I built the remaining complex and turned out a few renderings into the public. Because of the positive feedback I recieved in a discussion lately I decided to share this model with the community, and I hope you can put it to a good use!



The model was never finished and won't be finished anytime soon. It was merely modeled to be used as a background element, and not to accurately depict a specific craft as my other models. I used a high-res rendering as reference material however, so it IS quite close to the actual complex on the show in most details and suits its purpose perfectly. Improve upon it as you wish, but be sure to show me what you were able to create!



You can download the model in the following formats:

LightWave 3D - .lwo Autocad - .dxf 3D Studio - .3ds
download (513 kb) soon... soon...



The model has some textures, but also requires the gkane_genericpanels textures from my Starfury release V2.0. If you don't have those, simply use the standard LightWave genericpanels, they are just as good for this purpose!


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