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"The Lost Files of G'Kane"


Dear visitor,
most of the sections of our site are already online, though not all are entirely finished. The Babylon 5 sub-sections Vessels and Conflicts will be added as soon as possible, but we fear our capacities are currently needed alsewhere. The Races sub-section will be completely overworked in the near future.

The 3D Files and Tutorials sections will grow a lot as this site continues to exist, but already have some starting content.

Thanks for your patience,
     The Staff



February 2000

  • Its time! Check out the 3D Files Section for a major update! Can you say Starfury V2.0, Minbari Warcruiser, Minbari Fighter V2.0, Minbari Flyer and/or Ganymede Research Complex? Check it out NOW!
  • A bunch of new images have been added to the Guest Gallery, check them out! The new model downloads will follow soon.

January 2000

  • Check the Projects Page for a major update concerning the Defiant model (it's been coming for 3 years, now its finally near!!).
  • Some big things aproaching! Starfury 2.0 will be released to the public soon, since none of the testers seem to have found anything worth of changing. The detailed cockpit and Pilot won't be with it in the initial release though, as I hope to dig up some more reference material first. Stay tuned...
  • It's been a while since the last update, I apologize for that, I promise it's be less than 3 and a half months to the next update! I'll upload a bunch of new guest gallery images really soon!

September 1999

  • New images in the "Other" and "Guest" Artwork Galleries!
  • The first of the planned tutorials is online, visit the Tutorials Section!
  • And yet another update that brings back some of the awaited content, check out the 3D Files Section!
  • Another small step on the huge stairway that is represents the completion of the site - a "Current Projects" Page as addition to the 3D Files Section!
  • New images in the Star Trek Artwork Gallery!

August 1999

  • I'll be going on vacation until the end of the month, you can expect some major updates to the 3D Files, Tutorials and Artwork Sections when I get back though!
  • First part of a series of updates to the Artwork Section, featuring 4 new images by guest artists and a new image from G'Kane!
  • Additions to the Links Section, check it out to find some awesome sites!

July 1999

  • Finally! "The Lost Files of G'Kane" officially goes online!
  • work in progress page of the EA Starfury V2.0 in the 3D Files section added
  • online testing commencing, artwork and Babylon 5 sections drawing near completion

June 1999

  • online testing of the project starts, final contents are drawn out

May 1999

  • complete redesign and restructuring of the entire site for the 3rd time.
  • finally got the domain, work on "The Lost Files..." commences

November 1998

  • "The Lost Files of G'Kane" announced for the first time on the original "G'Kane at Babylon 5" page, which goes offline and is replaced by a Newscenter.
"The Lost Files of G'Kane" Team

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