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Welcome to "The Lost Files of G'Kane"!

After a long time of hard work this service is finally going online. We would first like to introduce you to the background on the origins of this page.

G'Kane at Babylon 5 - a Banner

Our goal in this project is to continue the excellent information service that was started about 3 years ago by a fellow resident of the Babylon 5 Station, widely known as G'Kane. He first offered a similar service under the name of "G'Kane at Babylon 5", and many people started coming there on a regular basis. It contained a wealth of information on our universe today, and also featured fascinating artwork created by G'Kane himself.

One year ago however G'Kane suddenly disappeared from the station, which was first not noticed as everybody was used to not seeing G'Kane leaving his quarters regularly. Only a little while ago it became apparent, due to the lack of updates to his service, that something could be wrong and Station Security was informed to look into the matter.

It didn't take them long to find out that G'Kane indeed had disappeared, vanished without a trace. No recorded flight off the station, nor any criminal cases involving an unidentified Narn corpse could be traced back to this case. His whereabouts are even today largely a mystery.

The Central - the means of navigation in the past Due to the popularity of his service, and the many messages we here at the B5 PR Office recieved concerning this matter, one of our workgroups was asigned to the case. The objectives were not only to try and find G'Kane in cooperation with Interstellar Security and Military Organisations, but also to provide a replacement for G'Kanes service as long as he remained unavailable.

Part of this project included hacking into G'Kanes personal database (which by the way was heavily password encrypted and took a team of specialists weeks to work out), and retrieving/rearranging important information that may be used to create a usefull service that could be apreciated by the public.

After several months of hard work our workgroup, now formally known as "Lost Files of G'Kane" Team, finally completed Phase A of the project, a new Babylon 5 related information and art center based on G'Kanes enormous database and conceptual ideas.

We hope you will agree that this service is a big improvement over the previous version, and will come to the feelings that this is in reality the 2nd Version of G'Kanes original site as he would have wanted it to be.

Thanks for listening, your

"The Lost Files of G'Kane" Team

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